My name is Dior and I'm single...

My name is Dior, and I have been single for exactly 3,5 years. Over the years, as a single person, I've tried out all dating apps, but to no avail. My conclusion about those apps? I don't like them at all. I miss face-to-face contact, and in my opinion, dating should really be a lot more fun. That's why I started Nice 2 Match. Nice 2 Match is a concept that originated from my personal experience and needs. Endlessly swiping away dating profiles is not my thing; I really want to meet up with people. With Nice 2 Match, I respond to a need and wish for myself and the many singles I speak to. Small-scale and intimate events where singles can meet in person. The word dating often sets a high bar, but our events are easily accessible: we talk about meeting up, with a good match as a great outcome. Nice 2 Match!

I've been living in Ibiza since November. A lovely island where I feel entirely at home. In 2011 I started the Hotel and Event Management course. I soon found out that entertainment and the whole world around it made my heart beat faster. During my studies, I had the opportunity to work for the most impressive events and companies. I also had the chance to work as a wedding planner and event manager in Ibiza, a unique experience. After this, I knew for sure: my heart is here, in Ibiza. 

Entrepreneurship has always been in my family. It is, therefore, certainly not out of the blue that I have taken this step. As a little girl, I always said: "When I grow up, I'll start my own business." Now the time has come; I have embarked on the adventure and started Nice 2 Match, a concept that I put a lot of love into.

Ibiza is a magical island to me; there is a good vibe. Everyone accepts you exactly as you are and welcomes you with open arms. Everywhere you go on this island, you feel pure love. While people in the Netherlands have a busy life and have all their spare time planned, there is a serene peace in Ibiza. I have been coming to Ibiza since I was a kid and for 12 years I have been very fortunate that my parents have bought a wonderful holiday home here. I know Ibiza through and through and can feel the island like no other. As a wedding planner, I have organized several weddings on this magical island, a dream come true! In November 2020, I took the step to leave for Ibiza due to the mandatory working from home during the first lockdown. I had the idea to go back to the Netherlands after a while. Now 7 months later, I am still there, and I want nothing more than to work, live and enjoy Ibiza.